Broken Springs

The first problem we want to talk about is broken springs.  Coiled springs are necessary for the easy raising and lowering of a garage door. As a part of the overall garage door assembly, springs play a critical role in its functionality.  When springs fail, you have two choices: You can either replace the spring that failed or upgrade the entire spring set if they are aging and on the verge of failure.

An honest garage door repair person will not sell you on replacing springs that do not need to be replaced.  And you will be dealing with a repair professional because spring replacement is not something you should try to handle on your own.  Still, you can at least diagnose the problem.

There are two ways to immediately tell whether you have a problem with your springs, and they are both obvious.  First, your door may have problems going up or coming down.  It might also generate lots of racket.   If you are sitting in your living room watching TV, prepare for a jump, because it sounds like a gunshot!  If this is something you are experiencing, Springs Garage Doors are here to help!

Door Cables

If the springs are important to the proper functioning of your garage door, the cables are just as important. Made up of thick metal wires wrapped into braids, the cables use the tension provided by the springs to raise and lower the garage door.  The problem is that time and repeated use can cause wear and tear on the cables.  Not only are they susceptible to fraying, but they could also snap.

If your garage door hangs at a strange angle or gets stuck halfway as it raises or lowers, you could have a problem with the cables.   Remember, cable repair – like spring repair – is not something you should try on your own.  Cable repair done incorrectly could result in the entire door falling, and if you are underneath it, that is incredibly dangerous.  You could easily become trapped or injured under the door if you attempt a cable repair by yourself.

The two problems listed above are the biggest and most common garage door problems we run into at Springs Garage Doors.  The following are also common, but less dangerous and less expensive to repair.

Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener is a powerful workhorse. You probably don’t even notice it…until it stops working.  Because of age and life expectancy, or power issues, garage door openers can malfunction. There are several problems that can develop with your opener such as your door not closing all the way or reversing just before hitting the floor.

Roller Replacement

Rollers are the pieces that keep your garage door running smoothly up and down the track. Unfortunately, rollers can become worn, bent, or broken, causing your garage door to become noisier or stop working altogether.  Bent hinges can also become an issue because of bad rollers.  Fortunately, roller replacement is one of our most performed maintenance jobs and we are prepared to fix this problem for you, quickly and efficiently!

Bent Tracks 

The track is where the rollers go up and down, ensuring your door opens and closes smoothly. If one of the tracks gets bent or damaged (there is one on each side), it can cause problems to other garage door elements, not to mention cause you the inconvenience of an unusable garage door.  No one wants that!  We recommend calling us as soon as you notice a problem with your garage door since it is an integral part of your home.  It provides safety for your vehicles from the elements, storage for those items you would rather not store inside your house, and convenience for you getting in and out of your car quickly and without being touched by the weather.

But just like with anything that functions to keep your household running smoothly, problems and issues can arise.  There are several common types of garage door problems that customers call us about time and time again. Obviously, no one wants to have to call a garage door repair person, but sometimes there’s no way around it.  The professionals at Springs Garage Doors are ready to help you if problems pop up with your garage.  In this article, we will share with you some of the most common garage door problems you might run into as time goes on.

Remember: Garage doors are the largest, heaviest moving part of your home.  Any repair is potentially dangerous, and we do NOT recommend you do it yourself.  Injury or even death can result.  If you need help immediately, call Springs Garage Doors and we will assess the problem and get it fixed asap!

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